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Google will fulfill this autumn with another of their dreams. Two years after the technology giant, together with Levi's, started the Jacquard project, which aimed to develop interactive and connected clothing - something like a smartwear - the company will launch its first denim jacket intelligent. The price? $ 350.

Mar 22, 2017 Hit: 933

The smart jacket from Levi's and Google. Will arrive this autumn

Ivan Poupyrev, head of the Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) technical team, and Paul Dillinger, Head of Levi's Innovation, announced the date and price of this event at the South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. Smart jacket In addition, they shed more light on what will be this innovative garment, which will feature a sensor in the sleeve called Smart Tag and that will allow you to easily control the smartphone or tablet.

The smart jacket from Google and Levi's will have on the left sleeve a touch panel that will allow, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth, play music, answer or reject calls and access navigation information through gestures. The idea was to have it ready for spring, but the project will finally see the light in autumn.

The appearance of the jacket was something already known. It was known that it would have interactive denim, a fabric invented by Google that will allow to create surfaces that interpret the gestures that the user makes. What was not in the public domain was the price and, judging by what usually cost the clothes of Levi's, does not seem somewhat exorbitant, so soon you can start to see in the streets.

The American textile has uploaded to Youtube a video in which you can observe a person wearing the jacket and handling it from the device already mentioned in the left sleeve. Among other features, the garment will bring a 'bicycle mode', which will allow the user to find their route through the GPS while driving. As a picture is worth a thousand words, here we leave a video of the future nearest to the 'wereables'.



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